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For all requests, the easiest way for reaching out is Linkedin.

I consider myself a Full Stack Digital Marketer, with a strong preference for SEO. I have experience creating & implementing Growth & Branding strategies in different markets, countries and industries.

Need an SEO/Digital Marketing Consultant?

This service is intended for highly technical SEO consultancy and training (for content creators or developers), auditing your current SEO provider, analyzing competitors, creating link acquisition strategies, or similar. Hourly rate depends on several factors, such as deadlines and complexity (and fun).

Are you looking for an SEO Freelancer?

It is hard for me to find the time (and interest) for freelance projects, but If you think you need some help, drop me a message.

Do you want to hire me to work full-time in your Company/Agency?

Drop me a message.

You are an SEO professional and want some advice/help?

Maybe you want to talk with someone who can understand you and help you solve some specific SEO issues, analyze some ideas from another perspective, or mentor sessions for your professional career. In that case I'll try to allocate some time to talk. The standard rate is one decent coffee.

(Please keep in mind that if you want me to assess a website or create an SEO strategy, you should ask for consultation rates)

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