Elevating the SEO Conversation: Beyond Tactics to Strategy

The SEO world is dynamic, filled with passionate professionals discussing the nuances of link types, content strategies, and the latest backlinking tactics. These are essential conversations within our community but primarily cater to a specific audience – fellow SEOs. However, the key to evolution lies in broadening our horizons and engaging in discussions that resonate with decision-makers like CMOs, VCs, and business owners.

Here's the shift in perspective we need:

1. Organic Market Share Decay

Instead of delving solely into technical intricacies, we should ask questions like, "What is our organic market share decay like?" This not only highlights our commitment to sustainable growth but also demonstrates our understanding of the larger business landscape.

2. Defining Brand Share for Survival

Understanding the significance of brand share in the market is a conversation worth having. "What brand share do we need to survive in this market?" This question showcases our focus on long-term strategy and the vital role SEO plays in building and maintaining a brand's presence.

3. The Impact of Channels

SEO doesn't exist in isolation. It's part of a broader marketing ecosystem. "How will our channels create our next 100,000 customers?" This conversation bridges the gap between SEO and business outcomes, emphasizing the role of SEO in driving revenue and growth.

These discussions align SEO with the language of commerce and make our expertise more accessible to those holding the purse strings. It's about captivating CMOs with a million-dollar budget, enticing VCs with a side project, and engaging business owners seeking a substantial ROI from an organic split.

As SEOs, we should transition from tech enthusiasts to strategic growth partners. While we may not have all the answers, we can continuously work towards refining our campaigns, making them more revenue-focused, and connecting with decision-makers to excite them about the potential for sustainable and compounding growth.

So, the question remains:

As an SEO, what questions do you think we should be asking?

As a business owner, what conversations do you WANT to have with SEOs?

Let's bridge the gap between the technical and the strategic, creating a future where SEO isn't just about rankings; it's about driving business success.

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