Link building 101: How to think about SEO Off Page

Ah, the ever-mysterious world of SEO, where numbers run amok and content seems to have lost its way. You're likely no stranger to the countless SEO tools flashing big, daunting numbers in your face. But let me ask you this: How many of those links are worth their weight in gold? The truth is, only a few. So, don't be deceived by big link numbers; quality always trumps quantity.

Most links out there? Well, they're nothing more than digital clutter. You know, the kind that clogs your inbox with spammy emails promising to boost your rankings overnight. Don't be fooled! The real SEO game isn't about collecting a horde of links but about finding the gems amidst the rubble.

So, before you let those big link numbers intimidate you, look closer. Dive deep into the websites, break them down, and you'll often find that most of those links are utter garbage.

Here's a little secret: Internal links are still the unsung heroes of SEO. Linking to your pages is common sense. Please don't go overboard; we aim for relevance, not overkill. Most of the time, overkill is unlikely, so go fast and furious.

Content Is King, But Not All Kings Are Worthy

Now, let's talk content. We've all heard that "content is king," but let's be honest, shall we? Most online content is terrible. You can probably whip up something better in your sleep than what's ranking out there. The real question is, are you willing to roll up your sleeves and do it?

Content velocity is the name of the game now. Publish more, publish aggressively, and act like your SEO life depends on it. After all, if it's not written, it can't rank. And no, it doesn't have to be perfect from the get-go. Lean content is excellent if you plan to give it a makeover when it starts climbing those search engine ranks.

PR: Real vs. Dog Shit

PR is another realm where you need to be discerning. Don't flush your hard-earned money down the toilet with those shady link-building campaigns that promise the world but deliver nothing but links from foreign sites. Instead, invest in real PR. Become the expert in your niche, get featured on TV, and get people talking about you. Know the difference between genuine PR and the dreadful link-building masquerading as PR.

The Art of Surprise in Content

Creating expected content is well and good. If someone Googles "tips for cleaning my computer," they expect to get just that. But here's where you can stand out: create content that surprises and intrigues. The content makes readers click on that second page after consuming the expected stuff.

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